ALDP class of 2014 recruiting

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On October 24, 2013

The Administrative Leadership Development (ALDP) program is recruiting its class of 2014. Several factors are considered in selecting each year’s class. Staff who are in administrative roles, who have not participated before, are encouraged to apply. Staff who have attended past sessions have found it to be of great value.

You can find more information about ALDP online. The brochure and application are also available via the website. Applications are due by Friday, Dec. 7. This deadline will enable them to avoid the holiday season and also allow a better schedule for the participants’ retreat pre-work.

Who is eligible?

Mid- to high-level leaders of administrative units, typically directors, associate or assistant directors are invited to participate in the program. However, because of the great variety of job responsibilities within titles, they don’t need to restrict applicants to directors only. They are striving for a diverse group of participants who meet these criteria:

  • Demonstrated performance as an administrative leader
  • Leadership to units with a significant impact on services and resources of the university
  • Potential for advancement to other leadership roles
  • Demonstrated interest in personal and professional development
  • Ability to attend all sessions and activities of the program
  • Active support of supervisor(s) and unit
  • Willing to serve as a “peer coach” to others in the program.

Eligibility questions should be directed to Carl Burns or Laura Stoll.

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On October 24, 2013. Posted in Announcements