Frequently asked questions

About the eConnection

There are two eConnection emails: a student version, edited and published by the student life department, and a faculty and staff version, edited and published by the communications department. Faculty and staff who wish to receive the student version can do so by filling out the above form.

All entries submitted to the employee eConnection will be edited for brevity and to ensure they adhere to university style guidelines.


How can I manage my subscription to the faculty and staff eConnection?

You can subscribe to the eConnection via the subscribe page. You can unsubscribe using the unsubscribe link in the footer of the eConnection emails or via the unsubscribe form.

What is the submission policy?

The faculty and staff eConnection primarily includes university-related news, announcements and events that pertain to a large segment of the employee audience. Likewise, the Student eConnection primarily includes university-related news, announcements and events that pertain to a large segment of the student audience. As such, submissions from “umbrella” or campuswide organizations that affect a broad campus audience are encouraged and receive preference. Service and charitable activities that are sponsored or endorsed by a university department or organization may also be considered for inclusion.

The eConnection is not to be used for personal profit, commercial advertising or announcements that are political or religious in nature. Announcements about events sponsored by recognized student groups with ties to religious organizations will be accepted to the Calendar of Events. Where possible, the eConnection will reference existing documents on the university’s website, such as news releases and the Calendar of Events.

Why am I not receiving the eConnection?

Sometimes legitimate emails are marked as spam. Check your daily “Quarantine Summary” emails from to see if the eConnection is mistakenly marked as spam. If it is, click the “Deliver” action on the item. For other concerns, email

Adding news or events

Will you list my departmental seminar in the eConnection?

The Calendar of Events is the place to publicize all campus events. Events listed on the calendar are automatically included in the eConnection. The title of the event and its date will be linked in chronological order on the right side of the eConnection.

How early should I submit my information for the eConnection?

We ask all event submissions to be provided to the Calendar of Events at least two weeks in advance. To ensure your news is listed in the eConnection, submit it at least two to three days in advance. Events submitted with little or no advance notice may not make it into the eConnection.

Why can’t I send you my information in an attachment?

You can share an attachment, such as an accompanying image, but you should describe your news in the submission form. Simply submit your information using the submit news form. We cannot add any attachments to eConnection entries; however, we can link to information housed online or, if appropriate, include a photo or image with the article published on this website.

eConnection schedule

Publishing date
  • Every Monday and Thursday during the fall and spring semesters
  • Wednesday during summer session or breaks
Submission deadline
  • Noon Wednesday and Friday during the academic year
  • Noon on Tuesday during summer session or breaks