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Support mental health, register for RESPOND training

Posted by on May 2, 2024

Student well-being will present a University of Missouri System-licensed program called RESPOND to train faculty and staff to recognize and provide initial assistance to people with mental health concerns.

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Learn how to respond to students in crisis

Posted by on February 22, 2024

Faculty and staff members play a crucial role in recognizing and responding to signs of distress or crisis situations among our students. If you are ever uncertain about what steps to take, consult the Crisis Decision Tree.

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Your experience matters statistics survey

Posted by on February 20, 2023

Take a 5-minute survey and contribute to the study to help investigate the connection between grades and the positive mental health of students.

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Abraham Sculley speaks during mental well-being awareness week

Posted by on February 9, 2023

Join student well-being for a special talk by Abraham Sculley, the founder of Speaks 2 Inspire, bestselling author, podcaster, advocate and speaker on a mission to eradicate mental health stigma.

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Addressing Common Misperceptions of Mental Health Services Provided at Missouri S&T

Posted by on November 15, 2022

According to the 2022 Missouri Assessment of College Health Behaviors, 88% of S&T students reported that stress interfered with their academic life, and 91% reported that stress interfered with their personal life. Along with this, in the past year 56% of S&T students experienced depression, 63% experienced anxiety, 28% experienced panic attacks, and 26% experienced chronic sleep issues.
Student Well-Being offers individual counseling, group counseling, consultations, and many other services to S&T students to help relieve and prevent these mental health concerns. It is important that these services are known about and understood fully in order to best support students. Please use this document to read about some of the common misperceptions of services offered, and feel free to reach out to Student Well-Being staff anytime with questions or concerns using the contact information on the next page.

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Student Well-Being Personalized Care Model

Posted by on November 14, 2022

The Student Well-Being Personalized Care Model is a visual aid to helps students determine what support resources and services are available to them based on their specific mental health and well-being needs.

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Mental Well-Being Awareness Week: 10/10/2022 – 10/14/2022

Posted by on October 10, 2022

Join us for Mental Well-Being Awareness Week next week for a series of fun events, trainings, giveaways, and more dedicated to supporting your well-being and destigmatizing mental health.

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Help others with training to support campus mental health

Posted by on May 18, 2022

Student well-being and human resource services are hosting a training titled “RESPOND: Partnering for Campus Mental Health” that will address policies such as FERPA, crisis and mental health resources. The training is to help recognize when someone may be struggling or in distress, increase your awareness of mental health resources and to prevent suicide.

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Little to no wait times in Student Well-Being

Posted by on February 3, 2022

Student Well-Being offers brief, solution-focused individual counseling with a licensed counselor in a completely confidential and safe environment. There is little to no wait time to get screened and meet with a counselor.

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Could your student be experiencing seasonal depression?

Posted by on February 1, 2022

It’s normal for college students to feel a bit down in the winter. The joy and excitement of the holidays fade away, and the reality of a new class schedule and school responsibilities comes into full view. However, for some college students, lack of motivation and feelings of hopelessness in the colder months may point to a bigger issue.

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