Researchers publish in ‘ChemPhysChem’

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On July 11, 2023

A research team collaboration from the University of Missouri-Columbia and Missouri S&T published a recent paper in ChemPhysChem and the team included:

  • Dr. Fabio Gallazzi, research assistant professor for MU’s Molecular Interaction Core.
  • Dr. Rainer Glaser, professor of chemistry for Missouri S&T.
  • Dr. Joseph Schell, MU alumnus and former MU doctoral student of Dr. Rainer Glaser.
  • Dr. Wei Wycoff, retired senior research specialist for MU’s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core.
  • Dr. Kaidi Yang, MU alumna, former MU doctoral student of Dr. Rainer Glaser and postdoctoral research associate for chemistry at Missouri S&T also with Glaser.

The chemistry research studied Rubisco-mimetic CO2 capture and release (CCR) systems for reversible CO2 capture from air. In their recent paper in ChemPhysChem, the team reported on the determination of the thermochemistry of carbamylation of butylamine and of KDDE-type oligopeptides (H3C-CO-Lys-Asp-Asp-Glu-NH2) in aqueous solution as a function of pH.

The accomplishment of this research required broad expertise in physical organic chemistry, chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, peptide chemistry and NMR spectroscopy.

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