Researchers present at ACS regional meeting

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On December 6, 2022

Dr. Rainer Glaser, professor of chemistry and interim vice provost for graduate education, and his team of researchers attended the American Chemical Society Midwest Regional Meeting Oct. 19-21 in Iowa City, Iowa. The event’s theme was “Sustainable Chemistry: Leading through change.”

The group included S&T chemistry doctoral students Brian Jameson and Harmeet Bhoday, undergraduate chemistry students Ethan Hay, Justin Nulsen and Emilie Overschmidt. Dr. Glaser’s group contributed four research presentations, one lecture and three posters in the division of organic chemistry. The content of one of the presentations was recently highlighted in Chemical and Engineering News.


  • “Rotation-Inversion of Tertiary Carbamates. Synergy of VT NMR Measurements and Computational Analysis of Multi-Paths Isomerization,” lecture presentation by Jameson and Glaser.
  • “Theoretical Exploration of Possible Mechanisms of the Bromic Acid Oxidation of Malonic Acid via Tartronic Acid to Mesoxalic Acid,” poster presentation by Hay and Glaser.
  • “Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Donor-acceptor Substituted 1,4-diphenyl-1,3-butadienes: Potential Dipole-parallel Aligned NLO Active Materials,” poster presentation by Nulsen, Bhoday and Glaser.
  • “Polar and Non-polar Stacking of Perfectly Aligned Parallel Beloamphiphile Monolayers (PBAMs) of (PhO, F)-azine. Importance of Non-covalent Interlayer Interactions,” poster presentation by Bhoday, Kelley and Glaser.

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