International Students’ Day 2022

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On April 4, 2022

International Students’ Day in S&T is an annual event organized by the International Students Club (ISC) in which people from different continents share their cultural artifacts proudly with ebullience to the campus community and beyond. The day in which cultural attribute and values of various countries are celebrated and attributed respective reverence.

A day in which we as students say no to War but embrace peace that radiates oneness and solitude as we portray togetherness as a splice. The day we appreciate and see each other as equal humans and call each other my brothers and my sisters. The day we celebrate each other regardless of race, background, culture and consolidate the yoke that already radiates on the campus community.
The day we enjoy ourselves as students and then as friends to depict to the entire world that yes, neither race nor cultural difference stands as a barrier to delineate affection towards one another and to live together as one under the same sun
The International Students Day is a gift to all students within the campus walls because it brings an ecstatic nostalgic feeling of one’s country of residence and we all appreciate the management of the Missouri S&T for their inexorable efforts towards amplifying the need of collaboration and oneness within the campus community across all countries in order to make the environment a scintillating one to learn, grow and become the best version of ones’ self.

Tickets is available at Havener Center Atrium 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Monday-Friday (April 4th-8th).
Students: $10
Non Students: $15
Ticket may be higher at the gate on the day of the event (April 10th)

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