Expand your mind with the Miner Alumni Association Book Club

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On March 7, 2022

All students are invited to join the Miner Alumni Association Book Club and spring into the pages of our next selection, Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism.

In Cultish, Amanda Montell takes you through one of pop culture’s biggest obsessions: cults. You’ll encounter Jonestown and Heaven’s Gate, then unmask the linguistic gymnastics of organizations like Scientology and SoulCycle.

The best part? You’ll have a community of alumni to share your thoughts with along the way in our discussion forum—someone to ask, “Why did they drink the Kool-Aid?”

How the book club works

The Miner Alumni Association Book Club connects us through a private online forum where members respond to discussion topics about the book. We spend about two months reading each book to accommodate a wide variety of readers’ schedules and preferences, and finish five books each calendar year.

It’s also a great way for students to get to know Miner alumni, near and far.

Please join us here: https://www.pbc.guru/mst

The next reading period begins March 18th, so please sign-up and secure your copy of this new classic in your preferred format.

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