I’m worried about alcohol and substance experimentation by my student. What is Missouri S&T doing to help keep my student safe?

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On February 7, 2022

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After a recent conversation with their student about opportunities for substance use and abuse, a parent recently asked what steps Missouri S&T is taking to prevent alcohol and substance misuse on campus.

The health, safety, and welfare of Missouri S&T’s campus community is a top priority. Unfortunately, substance misuse is a concern on almost every college campus. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, about four out of five college students drink alcohol. Though drinking has long been the most common form of substance misuse in college, the National Institute on Drug Abuse points out that the use of cannabis, prescription drugs and illicit drugs (study drugs) is on the rise.  

Missouri S&T is a member of Partners in Prevention (PIP), Missouri’s higher education substance misuse consortium dedicated to creating healthy and safe college campuses. The coalition is comprised of 24 public and private colleges and universities in the state who work to reduce high-risk behaviors by implementing comprehensive strategic plans using evidence-based strategies. To measure progress and obtain data, PIP created the Missouri Assessment of College Health Behaviors (MACHB) survey. The MACHB is an annual, online survey that has been implemented at Missouri S&T each spring since 2007.  

According to the MACHB 2021 (n=415), 70% of Missouri S&T students report using alcohol in the past year compared to the PIP24 average of 71%. The MACHB found that there are major common misperceptions on social norms of alcohol and cannabis use in that students overestimate the use of substances by their peers. Students believe that other students are drinking far more frequently than they really are. For more information, visit https://pip.missouri.edu. Forty-five percent (45%) of students report drinking 1-2 times a month or more, but the perception is nearly double this percentage (89%). Most students believe Greek students drink far more often than they do in reality; 87% of students believe Greek students drink on a weekly basis, but in reality, only 47% of Greek students report drinking on a weekly basis. The following data points were taken from the 2021 MACHB survey. 

  • 3 out of 4 S&T students who choose to drink, avoid high-risk alcohol consumption.   
  • 1 out of 4 S&T students have never consumed alcohol.  
  • 3 out of 4 S&T students do not use cannabis. 
  • 92% of S&T students believe it is their responsibility to intervene when someone’s health and safety are in jeopardy.    

With the health and welfare of our campus community as a top priority, a comprehensive plan has been developed to provide a safe and healthy residential campus experience. In 2020, Missouri S&T joined the JED Campus program, a nationwide initiative of The Jed Foundation (JED) designed to help schools evaluate and strengthen their mental health, substance misuse, and suicide prevention programs and systems to ensure that schools have the strongest possible support services. Part of this includes the wealth of resources offered to help students understand what constitutes substance misuse, how to keep their habits in check, get support, and how to spot problems in themselves and others. A list of alcohol and substance use resources is below.  

The office of Student Well-Being is working with the Student Involvement office and Interfraternity Council to encourage each of the Greek chapters to participate in substance use risk management training. However, the resources provided only work if students use them.  Fostering a healthy, safe, and supportive student environment is the goal, but students need to come forward with their concerns so that specific areas for intervention can be targeted. It is critical that students report specific violations and problem areas so that we can positively intervene, or problems may continue without intervention. If any student would like to seek assistance promoting health initiatives and prevention programs among their peers, the Student Well-Being office would be happy to assist them. Please call 573.341.4211 or email wellbeing@mst.edu. Additionally, if anyone has concerns about a particular student who may be in distress or in need of assistance, they can submit a UCARE report, regardless of how small the concern may seem. All reports are confidential and can be filled out anonymously. If there is ever an immediate concern for a student’s well-being, please call Student Well-Being, University Police Department, or 911.  

Upcoming Events: In addition to ongoing services, Student Well-Being is offering a variety of alcohol and substance misuse prevention programming throughout the spring semester. One of these programs is STEP UP! for Safer Drinking, a workshop which teaches participants to recognize risky behaviors associated with alcohol consumption and how to respond to concerning alcohol consumption situations. These workshops will be offered 10 total times leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. Also offered are smaller events such as “Cocoa with the Popo” (an event with the University Police Department advocating for designated drivers and other safe driving tips), the Black Balloon Project (education on opioid overdose prevention), and long-term programs such as yard signs and social media content with alcohol and substance misuse prevention information. For a full listing of this semester’s events and for more information, contact Student Well-Being at wellbeing@mst.edu or 573.341.4211.  


21st Birthday Project 

Are you turning 21 soon?  Schedule an appointment with Student Well-Being for a 15-minute informational session on safer drinking, and get a free personalized birthday gift! 

Website | 573-341-4211 | wellbeing@mst.edu | 204 Norwood Hall 


Alcohol Jeopardy 

This interactive training includes general alcohol information relevant to university students in a “game show” style format. 

Website | 573-341-4211 | wellbeing@mst.edu | 204 Norwood Hall 


Alcohol Risk Management for Greek Life 

Learn the strategies to minimize alcohol-related risks, especially with regard to Greek Life. 

Website | 573-341-4211 | wellbeing@mst.edu | 204 Norwood Hall 


BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students) 

The goal of BASICS at Missouri S&T is to motivate students to reduce risky behaviors associated with alcohol consumption.  BASICS will provide you with a structured opportunity to assess your own risk, identify potential changes that could work for you, and help you to reduce your risk for developing future problems. BASICS is not an abstinence-only program.  

Website | 573-341-4211 | wellbeing@mst.edu | 204 Norwood Hall 


CASICS (Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students) 

The goal of CASICS at Missouri S&T is to motivate students to reduce risky behaviors associated with marijuana use.  CASICS will provide you with a structured opportunity to assess your own risk, identify potential changes that could work for you, and help you to reduce your risk for developing future problems.  

Website | 573-341-4211 | wellbeing@mst.edu | 204 Norwood Hall 


General Wellness Consultation 

Have concerns about sleep? Want to quit vaping? Some topics that can be covered in a general wellness consultation are sexual health, alcohol and other drug use, healthy eating, physical activity, and more. Meet with a health educator today. 

Website | 573-341-4211 | wellbeing@mst.edu | 204 Norwood Hall 


Miners For Recovery 

Explore your behaviors, reflect on ideas for change, avoid negative consequences related to drugs and alcohol, and experience the support of a safe group. This group is not an abstinence-only group. 

Brochure | 573-341-4211 | davidsonlg@mst.edu | 204 Norwood Hall 

STEP UP! for Safer Drinking 

Learn to (1) recognize risky behaviors associated with alcohol consumption, (2) identify protective strategies for self and others, (3) correct misperceptions regarding student alcohol consumption, (4) respond to situations confidently, early, and effectively, and (5) promote the use of campus and community resources. 

Website | 573-341-4211 | wellbeing@mst.edu | 204 Norwood Hall 


Substance Use Intervention Program 

The goal of the Substance Use Intervention Program (SUIP) at Missouri S&T is to motivate students to reduce risky behaviors associated with substance use of any kind. SUIP will provide you with a structured opportunity to assess your own risk, identify potential changes that could work for you, and help you reduce your risk for developing future problems. 

573-341-4211 | wellbeing@mst.edu | 204 Norwood Hall 

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