Student Health and Tuition Insurance Options – Enrollment open now

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On December 7, 2021

Missouri S&T partners with Anthem Student Advantage to offer comprehensive health insurance for students, including options to enroll separately in dental and vision plans.

Health insurance is an essential resource for all students. Ensuring your student has adequate health coverage is a priority now more than ever.  Unexpected health care expenses associated with illness, accidents, or mental well-being can destabilize a student’s financial situation and derail their progress toward a degree.

We have compiled information to assist families in selecting health insurance coverage that best meets their student’s needs. Families may also review the Anthem Student Advantage highlight sheets below.  

Domestic students may elect to enroll directly for Anthem Student Advantage (or may use the insurance plan of their choice).  The enrollment site is live and remain open until February 7, 2022 for domestic students.

Students must enroll separately in vision and dental care if desired, they may do this directly from the S&T Anthem website.  Anthem Student Advantage is designed specifically for college students with student-minded, school-friendly, and access-focused care, including these helpful resources.

  • LiveHealth Online Available to all students – 24/7 telehealth access to Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Therapists
    • Live, on-demand video visits via smartphone, tablet, or computer
      • Same cost as office visit copay–or less, if enrolled in the student plan otherwise, standard rates apply
      • E-prescribing to the pharmacy of choice
      • Students not enrolled in Anthem may access LiveHealth using self-pay or their insurance 
  • 24/7 Nurseline Available to all students – no additional cost.
    • Staffed 24/7 by registered nurses accessible by phone
      • Get answers to general health questions and minor health concerns

    • Sydney Health App – free online and mobile program to access their plan info, benefits, and other health-related resources 
      • Access to benefits, health insurance information, and resources. 
      • Connect to a LiveHealth provider directly through the app
  • myStrengthfree mobileapp to support emotional health
    • Provides wellness and behavioral health tools for students enrolled in Anthem

    • GeoBlue – health insurance coverage when traveling abroad

You might also consider tuition insurance coverage to protect your student’s academic investment.  If you protect your home and your car with insurance, why not protect your student’s college tuition?

Missouri S&T has partnered with GradGuard to offer optional tuition insurance plans to students and their families. GradGuard provides reimbursement for tuition, room and board, and academic fees when your student is unable to complete the academic term due to an unforeseen, covered accident, injury, mental health reason, or other covered reason.

Missouri S&T’s official refund policy provides a standardized refund schedule for tuition:

  • 100% refund through First week of classes
  • 50% refund weeks 2-4
  • 25% refund weeks 5-8
  • No refund applied weeks 9-16

Families may elect to independently purchase GradGaurd’s Tuition Protection plans for Spring 2022 prior to Monday, January 17, 2022.  For more details, visit the S&T GradGuard website – 

We hope you and your student find the insurance plan that best fits their needs.  We look forward to serving you and your student in 2022! 

If you have questions regarding Anthem Student Health Insurance contact Anthem directly at +1 (833) 332-0798 or S&T Student Health at

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