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On September 28, 2021

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Does your engineering student love to travel and want to experience a different culture? Have they dreamed of living abroad and immersing themselves in another society and language? Would they like to stand out in the global job market? Then Missouri S&T’s Global Engineering Program might be just what they are looking for!

Studying abroad can help young engineers develop all these skills in an accelerated way. It brings a unique life experience, a global outlook and, often, long-lasting international friendships.

In this five-year program, students will complete:

  • A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in one of S&T’s engineering disciplines
  • A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in multidisciplinary studies with an emphasis in language and culture
  • A semester of study abroad during the fall of their fourth year
  • An engineering internship abroad in the spring of their fourth year

Did you know that S&T offers a year abroad program where your child can study AND do a co-op (professional work with compensation)? This Global Engineering Program (GEP) can be done in France or Spain.

  • French speakers may attend the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées in Lyon which offers many engineering specializations and a robust curriculum in business, languages, humanities and social sciences. 
  • Spanish speakers may attend la Universidad Pública de Navarra in the city of Pamplona in northern Spain, with a comparable wide offering across engineering and other disciplines. 

The year abroad generally happens during the student’s 4th year (first senior year) at S&T and is covered by financial aid and various scholarships (depending on the student’s individual situation). Classes are offered in English and the local language. The partner university helps S&T students find a paid co-op in the spring semester. After this year abroad, your child returns to S&T and completes their engineering education.

This double degree (B.S. in Engineering plus a B.A. in French or Spanish) will set your student apart from the crowd. Graduates who can work well in international settings and speak more than one language will effectively communicate with peers and clients, navigate diverse work environments, and understand the cultural aspects of their projects.  It is quite possible your student will ultimately have the job of their dreams!

For more information, customized plans, advising and registration, please contact:

Michel Gueldry, PhD

Professor, French Studies and Intercultural Studies

Director, Global Engineering Program (GEP)

Dept. of Arts, Languages and Philosophy

Missouri University of Science & Technology –

Parent & Family Relations

Norwood 107• 320 W. 12 Street /

Phone: 573-341-4209 • Website:

Facebook: Parent & Family Relations at Missouri S&T

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