RTD2018 topic: Using drones for infrastructure inspection

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On September 10, 2018

Drones are not just for hobbyists anymore. Risky and time-consuming jobs normally performed from the ground or atop towers are carried out safely and effectively by small Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Aerial inspection using drones is a fast and cost-effective solution that ensures shorter inspection intervals, early detection of damage, and access to otherwise inaccessible structures. This enables operators and agencies to detect issues earlier, and resolve problems faster. These drones can utilize high-resolution, infrared, and hyperspectral cameras to aid inspection. Bridges, wind turbines, pipelines, and more are all perfect candidates for inspection from drones.

In collaboration with the University of North Dakota, private sector power transmission and utility supply chain solution providers work to advance both synoptic survey of the right-of-way and point inspections of specific infrastructure. The presentation will examine data produced by sUAS and the methods supporting its collection.

Come listen to Paul Snyder from the University of North Dakota Department of Aviation and Zachery Waller, Research Coordinator and Assistant Professor from the University of North Dakota Department of Aviation discuss the use of UAS systems for capturing and analyzing data for infrastructure maintenance in the energy industry.

To register and see our full schedule visit rtd2018.mst.edu. Attendees will be eligible to attend a free social with live band and fireworks. Food and drinks will be provided. For more information, email itrss@mst.edu.

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On September 10, 2018. Posted in Announcements