In the news: Boots, McManus, Schonberg, Schramm, Weidner, Short

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On May 3, 2017
  • Aaron Boots, a junior in electrical engineering and a member of S&T’s Amateur Radio Club, is pictured and mentioned in a magazine published by AARL, the national association for amateur radio.
  • Bill Schonberg, professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering, was recently interviewed by radio station KCBS in San Francisco regarding the planned launching of so-called “mega-constellation satellites” and their possible effect on the orbital debris environment.
  • Jeff Schramm was quoted in an article in Autodesk Redshift about how Thomas Edison shaped the first industrial research-and-development laboratory as we know it today. Gary McCormick’s article, “Respect: Thomas Edison’s Accomplishments Go Beyond the Bulb to Modern R&D,” was published in the April 26 issue. Schramm is an associate professor of history and political science and special assistant to the assistant vice chancellor for global learning.
  • John McManus, Curators’ Distinguished Professor of history, was quoted in an article published in the San Diego Union Tribune about a World War II veteran from Chula Vista, California.
  • Nathan Weidner, assistant professor of psychological science, and Elizabeth Short, graduate student in graduate student in industrial-organizational psychology, were featured in articles about their research on the game World of Warcraft and how skills used there can translate into the workplace. Stories included the article “New Survey Reveals Astonishing Impact Of World Of Warcraft In Real Life” on the iTech Post website and “World of Warcraft Skills Can Translate Into Office Success” on

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