2011 PRO leaders announced

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On January 13, 2011

PRO leaders work as a team to provide student input and assist in events such as Preview, Registration, and Orientation (PRO); Opening Week Orientation; Project X; Transfer Transitions and more. They are expected to reflect the best qualities of students and serve as positive role models for incoming students and their families. The 2011 PRO leaders selected by new student programs are:

  • Chris Allen, senior in civil engineering
  • Brandi Andersen, senior in biochemical engineering and student coordinator
  • John Belshe, senior in engineering management
  • Adrienne Boettcher, senior in geological engineering
  • Laura Confer, senior in mechanical engineering
  • Doris Ditter, sophomore in chemical engineering
  • Lauren Frazier, sophomore in civil engineering
  • Megan Goris, senior in civil engineering
  • Angie Gugliano, senior in aerospace engineering
  • Deron Johnson, freshman in computer engineering
  • Nate Leezer, sophomore in mechanical engineering
  • Seth Marton, sophomore in architectural engineering
  • Ned Matuszak, senior in geological engineering
  • Di’ara McCole, senior in biological sciences
  • Emily Menkes, junior in chemical engineering
  • Evan Menkes, freshman in geological engineering
  • Andrew Meyer, senior in computer engineering
  • Levi Noring, sophomore in civil engineering
  • Buddy Pearson, senior in architectural engineering and student coordinator for Opening Week
  • Alli Petry, senior in architectural engineering
  • Ellen Ruppert, sophomore in applied mathematics
  • Dan Schrader, a sophomore in electrical engineering
  • Paige Vessell, sophomore in engineering management
  • Lucy Wright, sophomore in environmental engineering.

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On January 13, 2011. Posted in Announcements