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On November 15, 2007

Work was completed this summer to assign street addresses to all campus buildings according to the city’s grid system for the primary benefit of first responders. Even though many buildings are not on a city street, the system will allow those responders to quickly pinpoint the structures’ locations by virtually extending existing streets. Plans call for street addresses to be included on new campus building signage.
United States Postal Service representatives have verified that these new street addresses may be used in lieu of the “1870 Miner Circle.” This change will serve to maintain what USPS efficiencies exist while allowing less confusion for freight delivery personnel. While campus mail will continue to be received with the Miner Circle address line, the campus is encouraged to begin now to use the appropriate street address in its place. The addresses will be incorporated into the website for ordering the new Missouri S&T business cards, envelopes and letterhead.

In 1995, the United States Postal Service’s Rolla Postmaster approached the Chancellor requesting that the campus designate one unique address line that would immediately precede the city/state/zip code line in all official campus mail addresses. The USPS would then assign a new zip code, the combination of which would, it was claimed, allow for improved service for the campus through efficiencies in scanning and sorting. In mid 1995, the campus began using “1870 Miner Circle” as the unique line and “65409” as the new campus zip code.
Although subsequent improvements in USPS mail service may have been realized, problems have since been encountered with package and freight deliveries since 1870 Miner Circle is not a physical address. A new list of buildings where mail is delivered with the associated addresses that are now on record with the USPS is available online.

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On November 15, 2007. Posted in Announcements