Liu’s research group presents at transportation infrastructure symposium

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On April 2, 2024

Yizhuang David Wang

Dr. Yizhuang David Wang, a post-doctoral fellow, presents a talk during a technical session on asphalt pavements at the TriDurLE 2024 Annual Symposium.

Dr. Jenny Liu, the James A. Heidman Professor in Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, co-chaired the National Center for Transportation Infrastructure Durability and Life-Extension (TriDurLE) 2024 Annual Symposium Feb. 25-27 in College Station, Texas. Liu and her group attended, presenting their research during the symposium.

In a technical session on asphalt pavements, Drs. Yizhuang David Wang and Jenny Liu gave talks titled, “An Efficient and Explainable Ensemble Learning Model for Asphalt Pavement Condition Prediction Based on LTPP Dataset” and “A Machine Learning-Based Approach to Assess Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Pavement Roughness.” Wang is a postdoctoral fellow working with Liu.

Three Ph.D. students studying civil engineering demonstrated their work through poster presentations. Chuanjun Liu placed first in the student poster competition for his poster on laboratory and field modulus measurement of Missouri coarse-grained soils using Zorn lightweight deflectometers. Ping Jiang collaborated with two students from Texas State University, and they placed first in the student solution driven competition for their work on reduction of heat absorption of pavement. Bo Lin also participated in the poster presentations.

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