Army ROTC Stonehenge Battalion conducts field training exercise

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On December 5, 2023

Stonehenge Battalion

Army ROTC Stonehenge Battalion conducts field training exercise.

The Missouri S&T Stonehenge Battalion recently conducted its fall semester Field Training Exercise at Fort Leonard Wood Oct. 20-22. The event gave cadets an opportunity to hone their individual skills and develop confidence in their ability/equipment to prepare them for their future military careers.

 Cadets completed weapon familiarization, preliminary marksmanship instruction, and conducted the Engagement Skills Trainer. S&T’s cadets qualified on the Army’s M4 Qualification Table.

The second day focused on land navigation. Cadets were given a map of the 200-plus acre training area, were assigned grid point locations and were required to navigate them. All cadets were successful in locating their assigned points, demonstrating their proficiency in map reading and route planning in day and night scenarios.

On the final day, cadets navigated down a 47-foot-tall rappel tower and completed the Fort Leonard Wood Confidence Course. Cadets were challenged physically and mentally, building confidence in both their ability and military equipment. Cadets completed obstacles such as sliding down a three story one-rope bridge, a rope climb, a six-foot wall and hurdles.

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