Staff Spotlight: Sammatha Yelton

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On October 18, 2023

Sammatha Yelton

This month’s Staff Spotlight introduces you to Sammatha Yelton from student support and community standards. Samm has a rich history of 16 years with Missouri S&T. Over the years, she’s contributed her expertise to various departments, including residential life, career opportunities and employer relations (COER) and experiential learning.

As a senior student service coordinator, Samm plays a pivotal role in supporting our students. Her responsibilities include managing the Joe Miner chatbot intervention and retention tool, helping students overcome obstacles, and providing invaluable support to care managers and student workers. Her passion for guiding students through their challenges is fueled by the knowledge that they are the future creators of technologies that will shape a better world.

Samm’s fondest S&T memory goes back to her time with COER during Boeing Week. Boeing representatives brought a massive semi-truck simulator to campus, and Samm relished watching our students’ excitement as they took the wheel. However, what she cherishes most about her time at S&T is the sense of community. From department chairs to our custodial staff, she emphasizes the collective commitment to student success and well-being, making her time here truly worthwhile.

One of Samm’s proudest achievements is the connections she has made across campus. Her care for our students has made her a go-to resource for those seeking assistance or guidance, knowing that she’ll find a way to help or connect them with someone who can.

Samm's dogs
Samm’s dogs: Odin, Max and Pennie.

Samm at a glance:

Education: Samm holds a bachelor’s degree in human services from Drury University and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Hometown: Rolla, Missouri

Favorite food: A lover of Mexican cuisine, Samm’s go-to comfort food includes chips and queso.

Hobbies: Beyond her professional life, Samm enjoys unwinding with hobbies such as sewing and reading, often in the delightful company of her three dogs.

Family: Samm recently got married and enjoys being an aunt to her stepbrother’s children. She says her three dogs, Max, Pennie and Odin, bring boundless joy to her life.

Advice to other employees: Samm encourages her colleagues to find the silver lining in any situation and seek out ways to affect positive change. She emphasizes the importance of bringing attention to issues that can be addressed by those who have the power to make change.

Fun fact: It may come as a surprise, but Samm states that she is an introvert. However, she adeptly dons her “professional extrovert” hat when at work, a testament to her commitment to her role and the students she serves.

Samm Yelton’s unwavering dedication and compassionate approach have undoubtedly affected the Missouri S&T community. We are honored to have her as a vital part of the community, and her contributions continue to shape the future of our institution.

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