Rezaei awarded grant to advance nanoporous materials research

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On October 3, 2023

Fateme Rezaei

Fateme Rezaei, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering, is an internationally known expert in carbon capture. Her research recently earned a nearly $1.7 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a project titled “ECO-EBET: GOALI: CAS-Climate: Expediting Decarbonization of Cement Industry through Integration of CO2 Capture and Conversion.”

Dr. Fateme Rezaei, the Linda and Bipin Doshi Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, has been granted a Major Research Instrument (MRI) award of approximately $600,000 from the National Science Foundation.

The grant will be used to purchase high-tech equipment, including a dynamic mixed gas and vapor sorption analyzer, a dynamic sampling mass spectrometer and an automated breakthrough reactor (ABR), called VGS-DSMS-ABR suite. With this suite of equipment, S&T researchers will perform binary and combined equilibrium-dynamic characterization of nanoporous materials of various types. It will advance research in many areas relevant to the design of new materials and improve the performance of existing materials used as sorbents, sensors, or catalysts in energy and environmental processes. Researchers will be able to assess sorption characteristics and establish property-performance correlations for nanoporous materials.

Rezaei’s research co-PIs are Dr. Fatih Dogan, professor of materials science and engineering, Dr. Hongyan Ma, associate professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering, and Dr. Monday Okoronkwo, assistant professor of chemical and biochemical engineering.

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