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On July 10, 2023

Through the 2022-23 academic year, the Writing Center continued to settle into its new location in the Curtis Laws Wilson Library. The center has served over 660 students, faculty and staff with more than 1,200 appointment hours. Outreach is a priority for the Writing Center. The center organized several events including the first-ever Min(e)r Works creative writing event, a trivia benefit for Russell House shelter for victims of domestic violence, and an awards and recognition luncheon to honor outstanding teaching, studying and consulting.

The Writing Center is also involved with scholarship and professional development. Members Keillyn Johnson, Kira Courtois, Eileen Kordick and Phillip Bode presented “We Exist: Transforming perspectives of a STEM university writing center through (seemingly) any means necessary” at the Midwest Writing Centers Association Conference. 

The Writing Center has worked to expand campus efforts in helping students find and apply for prestigious fellowship programs. Although the work is ongoing, enhanced resources such as the Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships Office are available to interested student scholars.

In the upcoming school year, the Writing Center will continue to provide writing support for undergraduate and graduate students. This mentorship takes the form of one-on-one or group appointments, which can be conducted in-person, online and asynchronously. The Writing Center is also happy to work with professors and departments on specific courses or classes by providing presentations, course materials and embedded tutoring.

For more information about the Writing Center, email writing@mst.edu or call 573-341–4436.

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