LEAD expands learning and tutoring programs

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On July 10, 2023
LEAD peer-learning assistant, Sam Nix, works with students in a LEAD session.

Learning Enhancement Across Disciplines, also known as LEAD, the largest tutoring organization on campus, continues its dynamic expansion each semester. This semester LEAD is partnering with MinerLink to promote tutoring sessions and accurately track student attendance. In the 2022-23 academic year, LEAD engaged a team of over 50 highly proficient peer-learning assistants who engaged in rigorous training in pedagogy and leadership. LEAD also extended its support to a comprehensive array of 95 distinct courses spanning 18 departments. This encompassed diverse formats including faculty-led LEAD learning centers and personalized peer-guided tutoring sessions.

A key factor driving this heightened engagement continues to be the well-attended exam reviews. These reviews were strategically timed on the eve of the exams for subjects including Physics I and II, College Algebra, Calculus I, II, and III, Differential Equations, Statics, and Organic Chemistry. Our pride in these resources is deeply rooted in their pivotal role in nurturing academic achievement.

In the inaugural year under the adept guidance of Kate Marting, head peer-learning assistant, alongside Kevin Gu, associate head peer-learning assistant, LEAD concluded its activities at the close of the spring semester. The LEAD program wholeheartedly acknowledges its exceptional leadership and extends its heartfelt gratitude. We recognize that Kate and Kevin will graduate by the end of the 2023-24 academic year, and while LEAD celebrates their progression to new horizons, their profound leadership will be deeply missed. Consequently, the LEAD program is brimming with enthusiasm to identify and elevate deserving and highly qualified individuals to succeed them in these roles.

This semester, the LEAD program is utilizing newly available technology for comprehensive attendance tracking system The system allows attendance to be seamlessly recorded through a convenient card-swipe device. This valuable data will play a vital role in optimizing resource allocation for maximum impact. LEAD is enhancing its visibility across campus by featuring all learning centers and tutoring services on MinerLink. This strategic move promises to significantly improve LEAD’s presence, ensuring that its offerings reach a wider audience within the university community.

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