Complete ePerformance process by July 31

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On July 21, 2021

Make sure you complete your progress check-in form in myHR as part of the newly implemented performance appraisal process. The deadline to complete this process is Saturday, July 31.

With the new process, employees and their supervisors will complete three check-ins each fiscal year. The final check-in each fiscal year will include a manager rating. Upcoming check-in periods are:

Fiscal Year 2021

  • April-July (rated)

    Fiscal Year 2022 and beyond
  • August-November
  • December-March
  • April-July (rated)

Each check-in will include a self-review and a manager assessment, both completed in ePerformance. Employees and managers will meet to discuss the self-review and the assessment, and the conversation should focus on successes and accomplishments, concerns and growth opportunities as well as next steps. Managers will rate employee growth and performance on a simplified rating scale, either indicating that the employee needs development, reliably delivers or consistently exceeds.

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On July 21, 2021. Posted in Announcements