Fuller Prize goes to three

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On June 1, 2021

Fuller award winners

Samuel Halladay, Steven Karst and Charles Kropp are the winners of the 2021 Fuller Prize Competition for Undergraduate Research.

The first prize went to Halladay and Karst. Halladay’s project is titled “Fractional Brownian Motion in Confined Geometries. His advisor was Dr. Thomas Vojta, chair and Curators’ Distinguished Professor of physics. Karst’s project is titled “Machine Learning Optimizes A Survey of Dark Energy.” His advisor was Dr. Shun Saito, assistant professor of physics.

The third prize went to Charles Kropp for his project titled “Aharonov-Bohm Conductance Oscillations in Terms of Transmission Eigenchannels.” His advisor was Dr. Alexey Yamilov, associate professor of physics.

The Fuller Prize Competition for Undergraduate Research honors the memory of Dr. Harold Q. Fuller, former chair of physics at S&T.

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