Grad student wins ‘science as art’ contest

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On September 1, 2020

Ceramic goldfish

Shuohan Huang created this image of a ceramic goldfish found in “Lake MXene of possibilities.” The main part of the scene, including the fish and MXene rocks, is a colored SEM image of a sample of multilayer Ti3C2 MXene. The SEM image was acquired using an FEI Helios Nanolab Dual-beam microscope at 5 kV accelerating voltage, 6500x magnification and 5 mm working distance. The seaweed image was added for a stronger artistic expression.

Shuohan Huang, a Ph.D. student in chemistry, won first place in the Science as Art competition organized by the Materials Research Society. Her advisor is Dr. Vadym Mochalin, associate professor of chemistry.

Huang’s artwork, named “Goldfish” ( was selected by open online voting among 50 finalists from leading universities and research centers around the globe.

She based the artwork on research with MXenes, a large family of 2-D transition metal carbides and nitrides, synthesized and studied in Mochalin’s research group. This is the first time an S&T student won first place in this popular and competitive contest, in which young researchers demonstrate their skills in communicating science to society through art.

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