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On March 2, 2020

Miner Aviation needs your help. For those that do not know, Miner Aviation (MAV) is a student design team that designs, builds, and flies competitive RC aircraft to challenge other teams from around the world. Celebrating our 20th anniversary this season, MAV has proven to be an effective learning tool for two decades. The team provides a unique, hands-on learning environment that is seldom found at other universities and provides a training ground for the future engineers of the aerospace industry. Gaining recognition as the SAE International Aero Design Champions in 2003 and 2013, as well as placing in the top 5 of numerous others, our dedication and hard work certainly shows. Just last year, Miner Aviation placed in the top 15 of 120 international teams at the American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics Design Build Fly Competition (AIAA DBF) in Tucson, AZ and this year we are aiming higher.

For the 2020 AIAA DBF in Wichita, KS, we must fly an aircraft capable of carrying passengers, luggage, and tow a deployable banner! To meet this challenge, the team is building its first ever biplane. This has proven to be a difficult task that has required nearly $20,000 to operate the team. After months of testing conceptual designs using optimization codes, towing banners behind pickup trucks on back country roads, and even digging through 100-year-old textbooks for time tested solutions, Miner Aviation finished its prototype plane!

We’ve come a long way since receiving our rules in September and have managed to raise over half of our budget so far. Now, Miner Aviation needs your help. To get to the four day competition in Wichita, KS, MAV needs nearly $1000 a day to feed, house, and transport our members. We need your help to finish this goal. Join us by becoming a donor of the team and give us the support we need to show the world how amazing S&T engineers can be. Even $5 can help our cause and bring us closer to competition. Join the “Miners in Flight” today and support the future of aerospace.

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