Students can add, drop classes electronically

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On August 14, 2019

Starting this semester (Fall 2019), students can add and drop courses online in Joe’SS.

Students will be able to add courses in Joe’SS for the first two weeks of the semester. In order to add a class after the semester starts, the student will need a permission number. Many students are familiar with the permission number process as they are also used for prerequisites. The add process will be similar in that students need to get a permission number from the instructor of the course. In the event the student has a time conflict, exceeds permissible hours or is a first-time new undergraduate student, a paper add/drop form will be required.

In addition, students will no longer need signature approval to drop a course. Students are expected to discuss intentions of dropping a course with their advisors prior to dropping to ensure that the course will not affect their time to complete their degree or be used as a prerequisite for an upcoming course. Students will be able to drop courses through Joe’SS within the published deadlines. Each night a notification will be sent to the instructor of the courses and the students’ advisor notifying them of the drop. Students dropping a course that is a co-requisite for another will not be able to drop within Joe’SS unless dropping both courses. If only dropping one part, the paper add/drop form must be used.

This new process is designed to make it easier for students adding or dropping classes during the first two weeks of the semester, particularly for students to drop a course during the first week when fees are completely refunded. All students are encouraged to make all changes to their schedule during the first week to take advantage of the new refund policy. Please note that a section change is considered a drop and an add, so it is best to make section changes during the first week.

If you have any questions, please contact the registrar’s office at 341-4181 or

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On August 14, 2019. Posted in Announcements