Staff Spotlight: Erica Reven

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On July 17, 2019

Erica Reven at Norwood Hall

Erica Reven poses in front of her favorite S&T building, Norwood Hall. Dating back to 1903, Norwood Hall was built on the former site of the Civil War’s Fort Dette and the building includes some stones from the fort. She shared this trivia tidbit with visitors when she was a student tour guide.

As a former student ambassador and tour guide, Erica Reven knows this campus forwards – and yes, she can walk it backwards. Erica graduated from S&T in 2015 and works as a business services consultant in enrollment management.

“As an alumna, I like the aspect of being able to look deeper into recruitment and how we can get students to S&T,” she says. “I like science and math and I like the data aspect of this position.”

In her role, Erica provides reports about prospective students for the enrollment management division. She reports institutional data to meet federal guidelines and to support university decision making and planning.

Erica came to Rolla from her hometown of Mexico, Missouri, as a nuclear engineering student. She says she was inspired by her high school chemistry teacher to pursue an engineering degree. In addition to her major, she minored in engineering management, communication and math. She later earned a certificate in engineering management from S&T.

“I’m passionate about how engineers influence and make world a better place,” she says. “I enjoy working to help students change the world.”

In addition to her student ambassador job, she deejayed for the college radio station, KMNR. During her show, “Back to the Future,” she played ’80s music and electronic music that used samples, tying the two genres together.

Outside of work, Erica likes to cook, enjoy nature, complete do-it-yourself projects and play disc golf. She participates in the Rolla Disc Golf Club and served as an advisor to the Miner Disc Golf team, which took fourth place in national competition last March.

Erica at a glance

Hometown: Mexico, Missouri

Favorite food to make: Cinnamon rhubarb muffins

Favorite foods to eat: Pizza and homemade ice cream

Most proud of: Bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from Missouri S&T

People are surprised to learn: Erica danced in a troupe for 12 years, from ages 4-16. She performed tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop dances.

Family: Husband, Alec Reven, a 2016 graduate in computer engineering and a system administrator in IT Research Support Services at Missouri S&T.

Pets: Two dogs, named Mars (a red pitbull mix) and Gaia (a blue healer, name means “goddess of Earth”), one cat named Felix and several fish

Advice to other employees: “It’s important to remember that everything we do, whether working with students directly or not, is helping students in some way. It’s important to remember that. We do what we do to make sure students have the best experience possible and can move forward in their lives.”

Cody Honse, a loan officer at Legends Bank, congratulates Erica Reven.


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