Tomorrow is parking ticket amnesty day

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On May 3, 2018

The University Police and parking operations department will host a campus parking ticket amnesty day event 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday, May 4, at the parking operations window in Room G-10 Campus Support Facility. In exchange for a $5 cash donation to the Student Emergency Fund/ Campus Commuter Commodities Food Pantry, the two departments will void an unpaid parking ticket. The maximum number of tickets to be voided, per person, will not exceed two tickets at a total of $10 per person. Tickets previously paid will not be voided or reimbursed. This event is only for university-related parking tickets. Only the person who received the parking ticket will be able to apply for amnesty and applicants must bring a campus identification card with them. Applications for amnesty must be done in-person at the parking operations office.

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On May 3, 2018. Posted in Announcements