Be preventive about your preventive care

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On November 17, 2016

The Total Rewards staff reminds you that knowing what labs and exams are covered by insurance and considered “preventive” or “wellness” is key in preventing you from receiving unexpected charges for wellness visits.

The 2016 Summary Plan Description is a helpful reference of coverages that United Healthcare provides for your medical benefits. The 2016 Summary Plan Description for the PPO and Healthy Saving Plans are available on Missouri S&T’s human resources website and the University of Missouri System’s Total Rewards website. Additionally, if you get the lab codes of what will be tested in advance from your physician, you or your physician may call United Healthcare to ensure coverage of the labs or exams. One phone call to United Healthcare at 844-634-1237 or a glance at the 2016 Summary Plan Description could save you money and stress.

For additional resources, please visit the United Healthcare’s preventative website or the U.S. government’s

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On November 17, 2016. Posted in Announcements