diversity and inclusion

Professional development opportunity open to campus

Posted by on June 6, 2018

During Orientation Week, faculty and staff will have an opportunity to work with new students and establish that S&T’s value of inclusion is woven into the fiber of the community. Faculty and staff will facilitate workshops with groups of 20-30 students on Aug. 13, during the time that is usually reserved for a convocation ceremony. Instead of convocation, the 75-minute workshops will feature a mix of lecture, conversation, and interactive activity. Facilitators are required to attend one “Diversity Concepts” class and one “Facilitating Difficult Conversations” class. These classes are open to the campus and provide an opportunity for professional development.

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Webinar on identity open to campus

Posted by on March 26, 2018

Join the webinar, “Addressing Intersectionality: How to Encourage Belonging on Campus for Individuals with Multiple Identities” 1-2:30 p.m. Thursday, April 5, in St. Pat’s B. The webinar will address how intersectionality appears in higher education, its impact and how it is sometimes overlooked. Layers of identity can have a serious impact on students’ involvement and engagement in campus programs, initiatives and overall learning.

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