Microsoft 365 quotas updating for OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange

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On May 22, 2024

IT staff continue to balance the use of resources with changing vendor costs to provide the best services possible. With recent adjustments to Microsoft pricing, the University of Missouri System quotas for OneDrive and SharePoint (which includes Teams) will be set to the following starting Tuesday, May 28:

  • Sharepoint/Teams: 5 TB (5,000 GB)
  • OneDrive: 1 TB (1,000 GB)

Microsoft 365 users and groups currently exceeding quota limits will not be required to reduce their file storage at this time but will now have a cap on the additional quota available to use. Quotas currently enforced for Exchange email are to remain the same. These adjusted quota limits are needed to help manage growth in a reasonable and proactive way going forward. Future adjustments may be required to align with the best Microsoft pricing models.

Here are a few helpful pointers for managing storage going forward:

  • Routinely review your data and delete unnecessary, outdated and redundant files.
  • Consider leaving behind older Teams meeting recordings which take up considerable space and may not be in use.
  • OneDrive storage should be used for persisting well-structured files that don’t change frequently, or when you need to quickly share files for feedback with other users for short review sessions. Teams/Sharepoint storage should be for continuously evolving files with several users contributing at the same time.
  • Make a habit of regularly emptying the recycle bin for your individual OneDrive and SharePoint/Teams sites.

To check your OneDrive storage follow these steps.

To check SharePoint storage: From the home page of the site, site owners can navigate to the settings cog in the top right corner > Site information > View all site settings > Storage metrics. 

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On May 22, 2024. Posted in Announcements