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On January 25, 2024

Beginning yesterday, Wednesday, Jan. 24, Missouri S&T IT began pushing out mandatory security updates for MacOS Sonoma, Ventura, and Monterey on JAMF-enabled machines. MacOS Sonoma 14.3, Ventura 13.6.4, and Monterey 12.7.3 address multiple major security flaws and it is highly recommended that faculty and staff update at their earliest convenience. iOS, iPadOS, TVOS, and watchOS are also subject to security updates and IT recommends that any unmanaged Apple devices on campus be patched.

Mac users on JAMF-enabled machines will begin seeing push notifications in the upper right corner of their screens prompting them to upgrade.

Some upgrades were deferred. Beginning this Saturday, Jan. 27, deferment will no longer be allowed. If you have not upgraded your Mac to a secure version of MacOS by Friday afternoon, leave your machine on over the weekend so it can receive unattended updates. For more details about the upgrade, please check the bulleted list below:

  • The upgrade will maintain the same major version of MacOS, meaning that your machine will not be forcefully upgraded from Ventura to Sonoma or Monterey to Ventura even if your Mac hardware would support it.
  • If you would like to trigger the OS update manually, doing so will be possible via the software update tab in your Mac’s system settings.​‌
  • After the upgrade, you will need to unlock your Mac from its file vault-locked state by putting in your MacOS local password. This probably coincides with your SSO organization password, but in some cases, it may not. This will be whichever password you use to log in to your Mac.
  • If the push notification does not show up for you, please check the software update tab in the system settings and trigger the update manually. Missing push notifications should not affect the mandatory OS update push beginning over the weekend.

For reference, the push notification upgrade prompt is pictured below. When you see it, there is no cause for alarm. To defer the upgrade, choose the “try tonight” button in the drop-down menu.

Screenshot of MacOS update notice

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On January 25, 2024. Posted in Announcements