S&T researchers discover new concept in supramolecular chemistry

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On October 3, 2023
CrystEngComm journal cover
CrystEngComm journal cover.

Dr. Rainer Glaser, professor of chemistry, and Harmeet Bhoday, doctoral student in chemistry, published an article in CrystEngComm titled “Crystal Environment Induced Symmetry Reduction (CEISR): Deep Analysis of Para-Chloroacetophenone Azine and Generalization.” The article was highlighted on the journal cover of the Sept. 7 issue. Other authors include Dr. Kaidi Yang, a former doctoral student at the University of Missouri, and Dr. Steven Kelley, a research investigator at MU.

“The central question of the paper concerns the discovery of the concept of Crystal Environment Induced Symmetry Reduction in the case of symmetrical para-disubstituted acetophenone azines,” says Glaser.

Glaser’s research team developed a process known as interaction inventory analysis to determine the inequivalence or equivalence of the two arenes in a large series of symmetrical azines. 

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