Staff Spotlight: Jeannie Werner

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On April 19, 2023

Jeanie Werner

Jeannie Werner in Butler-Carlton Hall atrium.

Jeannie Werner joined S&T in September 2005. She spends her days working as a student support specialist and assisting students in civil, architectural, and environmental engineering. Jeannie’s responsibilities include managing applications, hiring graduate research assistants and graduate teaching assistants and processing paperwork. She works with graduate students from the time they arrive to the day they graduate.

Jeannie and her husband, Jim.

Jeannie says what she enjoys most about working at S&T is “the people.” She enjoys working with people in her department and across campus, including students. She loves to listen to students’ stories and hear about their accomplishments, especially when they provide updates after they graduate.

Her favorite memory was during her first week on campus as a receptionist in residential life when a very nice man introduced himself as Jack. They continued their conversation, and he shared it was his first week as well. After he left, other colleagues asked if she knew who he was and it turned out that it was the new chancellor, Dr. John F. “Jack” Carney III.

Jeannie’s advice to other S&T employees is to take time to get to know the people who surround you every day.

Buddy, Jeannie’s rescue dog.

“Celebrate their joys and accomplishments with them or just be there to listen when they need you,” she says. “You never know what someone else is going through.”

As a grandmother, Jeannie is most proud of her grandchildren, but as a staff member she is most proud of seeing the students accomplish their goals and succeed. She is also proud of the friendships with people she has worked with throughout the years.

Jeannie at a glance

Hometown: Rolla, Missouri

Favorite food: Mexican and chocolate.

Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, walking the dog, photographing nature, reading, baking and trying new recipes.

People are surprised to learn: Jeannie is the youngest of seven children and used to own a daycare for children ages 2-12.

Family: Her husband, Jim, of 45 years this month. Her son, Chris, daughter-in-law, Cherese, and four grandchildren: Lilly, Ales, Aidan and Gabe, plus Buddy, her rescue dog, who is totally spoiled.

A selection of Jeannie’s photography is below.

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