Clean-up of suspended Google accounts

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On December 15, 2022

As a part of campus account management in accordance with UM System Identity and Access Management policies, S&T information technology will clean up suspended user Google accounts. Students, faculty and staff may have Google files that are shared with others on campus or even externally to campus. When a user leaves campus, their files have remained out of an abundance of caution for those who files may be shared with.  

As S&T IT works to meet the required account management goals of our campus and UM System, we are taking a cautious approach to clean up shared documents from the accounts of users who are no longer a part of the campus, also known as suspended accounts.  

All identified suspended accounts that shared access to their files will be blocked for 365 days. During this timeframe, if you need to access a shared file from a suspended account you can contact the S&T IT Help Desk and complete the required paperwork to get assistance claiming the files needed. All files not claimed will be permanently deleted after 365 days.

On Tuesday, Dec. 20, IT will start the 365-day countdown for deletion on all suspended accounts. If you are blocked from accessing a file shared with you on Google by someone who is no longer at S&T, please contact the S&T IT Help Desk at 573-341-4357.

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On December 15, 2022. Posted in Announcements