Faculty and staff climate survey preliminary results released

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On June 15, 2022

The preliminary results from the faculty and staff climate survey were presented at the Staff Council and Faculty Senate meetings on Thursday, June 9. View a PDF of the slides presented at the meetings.

The survey, which is an effort to better understand faculty and staff experiences and address issues, was conducted April 15-30.

A few highlights of the survey results include:

582 employees participated in the survey, which included:

  • 164 faculty, 346 staff, and 72 individuals who did not report their role
  • 63 CASB faculty, 64 CEC faculty, and 35 faculty members who preferred not to respond
  • 253 identify as female, 172 identify as male, 61 did not report and 96 individuals preferred not to respond.

Organizational justice — or the perception of fairness in the workplace — was summarized as critically low. This includes:

  • How pay/raises/etc. are distributed
  • How procedures are followed
  • Treated with respect from upper administration, when compared to direct supervisor
  • Communication from upper administration, when compared to direct supervisor.

Organizational support and commitment were summarized as less than ideal.

  • Organizational support is defined as the belief the organization values one’s contributions and cares for employee well-being
  • Affective commitment is defined as being committed due to strong emotional attachment to organization
  • Continuance commitment is defined as the need to stay committed because there are no better alternatives.

The survey responses will provide insights that will be used to design specific, evidence-based recommendations based on trends in the data. A summary report will be presented at the October Faculty Senate and Staff Council meetings on Thursday, October 13. 

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On June 15, 2022. Posted in Announcements