Message from Chancellor: With gratitude

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On November 23, 2020

Dr. Mo Dehghani, chancellor of Missouri S&T, sent the following message to students, faculty and staff on Nov. 20:

Distinguished colleagues and dear friends,

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving during this challenging year, I wanted to thank all of you for doing your part to make this semester a success in the face of so much adversity. You’ve stayed focus on your goals, performed your work with pride and discipline, and taken the necessary precautions to keep yourself and our campus safe. Thanks to your efforts, the number of COVID-19 cases associated with campus have been very low, and although we experienced a rise last week, mainly due to off-campus activities, we have seen the numbers moderate this week. As we all continue to take precautions over the Thanksgiving break and holiday, we must continue to take all precautionary measures to keep our numbers low and our campus safe.

To our students who are remaining in our community over Thanksgiving break, I know that this year will not only be different, but also difficult for you as you remain here and away from family and friends. I thank you for making this sacrifice for the greater good. Please know that your actions will save lives, and will make future family gatherings over the holidays that much sweeter.

Things will be different also for those students who travel over the Thanksgiving break. To you, I remind you to please continue to stay safe, wear your masks, limit the number of people at gatherings, and exchange elbow bumps instead of hugs this Thanksgiving. We want you to complete your semester safely, whether you choose to return to campus or to remain at home.

To our faculty, I thank you for all you have done to provide a stellar learning experience for our students at all levels and in all modes of instruction. Thank you for your flexibility and resilience throughout the semester, and please continue to provide that flexibility to our students during our final weeks.

To our staff, thank you for keeping our campus community safe, for doing your work with pride and a spirit of excellence, and providing the much-needed services behind the scenes to keep our university operating during this pandemic.

It has been said that adversity doesn’t build one’s character; it reveals it. Just as we have all persevered during this pandemic since last spring, let us finish the semester strong and look to the future with hope and a renewed vision to always do our best.

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. I’m so grateful to be a part of this wonderful S&T family.


Mo Dehghani

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On November 23, 2020. Posted in Announcements, Coronavirus