Drug and alcohol awareness in S&T community

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On November 2, 2020

Missouri S&T’s User Awareness group shares the following information:

“All drugs affect our ability to retain information and memories of various levels while also altering our ability to move through the neuronal impulse inhibition. They can be used to assist with varying mental or physical ailments but the effect on the individual depends on the chemical makeup of that person. In some cases, acid has been seen to reduce alcohol usage in addicts while also inducing psychosis among heavy users.

“Understanding what the prescription or nonprescription drug you take is doing to your body can bring about a better idea of how much a person is capable of safely taking. Our goal is to bring more information through surveys, random facts and much more to the students so we may bring about a safer, more prepared community.”

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On November 2, 2020. Posted in Announcements