Parking permit offers being sent to students, steps to get your permit

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On August 5, 2020

To meet the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, the parking operations staff has added a new online system, Rydin PermitExpress, to process and mail permits. Parking offers will still be processed via campus email for students to accept or reject. Once you have accepted your parking permit offer, you will be directed to visit the online site to register your vehicles, pay for your permit, and designate where to mail your permit.  The amount of $139.80 plus a processing and mailing fee of $5 can be paid by credit card or billed to your student account.

Please note that it may take up to three business days after you accept your permit offer before access is available to the registration account. Therefore, we ask that you exercise patience and try again within the three-day window.

Parking permits for the 2020-21 academic year will be hangtag permits. Hangtag permits must be placed on the rearview mirror of your vehicle facing out through the windshield. Head-in only parking is still required.

Steps for getting your parking permit

  1. When your parking permit offer email from S&T Parking arrives in your inbox, it will have a subject line, such as “Parking Permit Offer for Area XYZ: ACTION REQUIRED soon.” Click on the Accept link within the email, and the Parking Permit Options – Accept Permit window will appear.
  2. Click on Accept Offer, and you will receive a second email from S&T Parking to confirm that you accepted the offer. It will have a subject line such as “Acceptance received for Area XYZ.”
  3. Within the “Acceptance received” email, click on the PermitExpress link provided, and the PermitExpress log in window will appear. You must visit this site to complete your registration. It may take up to three business days before you can access the website. Therefore, we ask that you exercise patience and try again within the three-day window.
  4. Enter your university credentials (username and password) and click enter.
  5. Click on Register/Purchase Permits, and the next window will appear.
  6. Click on the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions and then click on Continue.
  7. Select your permit – only the permit that you accepted will be available.
  8. Enter your driver information, physical address (your home address), mailing address (where you want your permit mailed), confirmation email and then click Next – Vehicle Information.
  9. Enter your vehicle information, registered owner information, and registered owner address, and click Add Vehicle. Note: If you select a different vehicle owner, the owner information fields will be cleared and you will need to re-enter the owner information.
  10. The Vehicles for This Permit will appear, and you can add a second vehicle by entering the vehicle information and then clicking on Add Vehicle.
  11. After you’ve added your vehicle information, click on Next – Payment Information.
  12. Enter your payment information, and click on Next – Review Order. You may pay by credit card or bill the charges to your student account. If you select your student account, you will need to confirm by clicking on the checkbox.
  13. Review your permit order and then click on Place Order.
  14. Click on the checkbox to agree to abide by the parking rules and regulations and then click on Place Order.
  15. You will see “Your order is complete” and then you will receive an email confirming your order with a message, such as “Thanks for ordering your permit.” The permit will be mailed to the address you specified in the mailing address section. You may print a temporary parking permit by clicking on the link in this confirmation email.
  16. You may also receive an email with a link to print a temporary parking pass to use until you receive your permit in the mail.  

Addition information

For maps and additional parking information, please visit

For questions, please email

Thank you for your patience, time and consideration.

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