Textbook adoptions due April 15

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On March 12, 2020

Instructors are asked to submit their course material selections for both summer and fall by Wednesday, April 15. The S&T Store appreciates your assistance in making course materials less expensive for students.

Students will soon begin asking about materials for summer and fall courses; please submit your course material information in a timely matter so it can be added to the bookstore’s website.

The bookstore’s goal is to reduce the cost of textbooks for students. This initiative includes expanding options for textbook rentals, the creation of custom course materials, continuing to adopt a book even after it has gone out of print, providing digital alternatives, and expanding the use of the AutoAccess program. The S&T Store also searches book markets for lower-cost used alternatives. The S&T Store will continue to use these programs, and any new programs that may arise as course materials evolve, to reduce the cost of course materials.

If a course does not require a textbook, it should be submitted as no text required. This is as important as submitting a book or other materials because it informs the students that they do not need to purchase anything for a particular course. If there is material that is located online, on Canvas, at the library or in notes that will be handed out in class for free, please submit this information as well to inform students that they do not need to purchase anything from the S&T Store for a particular course.

To submit and review instructor requisitions, please visit umst.verbacollect.com, login, click on the appropriate courses, and submit or review the courses.

Instructors can go to the link near the bottom of an email from the S&T Store on March 10. The email will be from “MU SAS MU Text Adoptions” of from “The S&T Store” with the subject line: We Need Your spring 2020 Course Adoption.”

Faculty will not automatically have a login to Verba Collect.

When entering the course adoptions:

  • Please note in the comment box if the class start date is different than the start of the semester.
  • If there will be a choice between the items adopted, please add a note to the comment box of the adoption
    • i.e. choose either the loose leaf with code or the code alone
    • When there is a choice, all of the items need to be entered as required, not optional
    • If a course is combined or cross-listed with a grad level course or a course in another department, the adoption needs to be entered for all of the courses.
    • If the sections of a course are merged together, enter the enrollment number per section.
  • i.e. total enrollment = 100 and there are four sections, then an enrollment per section is to be 25
  • If the Lecture and Labs are merged together, you will need to Split the Labs from the Lecture. The textbook information is adopted under the Lecture section and the Labs are entered with No Text Required.

There are a few options when comes to entering your book information.

1. The S&T Store sends out an email at the beginning of March to all faculty assigned to a course for summer and fall semesters. This email will have originated from The S&T Store or MU SAS MU Text Adoptions. Sometimes this email will go to a spam or junk folder. The email contains a link to the courses for which you are assigned.

2. If you cannot find the bookstore’s email, visit  umst.verbacollect.com/session/new and click “Reset My Password.”

3. If you do not wish to create an account on Verba Collect, please contact David Wilson at wilsonge@mst.edu with the course information or all 341-7523 to request a link for a specific course.

4. If you have difficulty completing the previous steps, send the course material information to David Wilson at wilsonge@mst.edu. Please include as much information about the material as possible, the department and course number for each course.

5.Other non-Textbook options that Faculty can adopt

  • Open Educational Resources (OER): Use the OER adoption tab to designate.
  • Auto Access (Inclusive Access): Please adopt ISBN 281000016808B. In the comment box, enter the title or edition or ISBN of the book.
  • Supply items are also available for adoption, such as goggles, art kits and calculators.
  • S&T Publishing: If you would like to use an S&T Publishing course reader, use the designated tab. Attached is additional information for creating a custom reader for you to share with your faculty. Due date for Summer Course Pac materials:
    • Copyrighted materials are due on or before April 21, 2020
    • Non-copyrights materials are due on or before May 12, 2020
    • Due date for Fall Course Pac materials:
      • Copyrighted materials are due on or before June 26, 2020
      • Non-copyrights materials are due on or before July 24, 2020

For questions about course material submission, please contact David Wilson, senior retail sales associate, at wilsonge@mst.edu or 341-7523.

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