Mochalin and Huang develop new MXene materials for 6G teraherz communications

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On January 13, 2020

Prof. Vadym Mochalin (Chemistry) and PhD student Shuohan Huang (Chemistry) team up with researchers from Worchester Polytechnic Institute (USA), University of Alberta (Canada), and Universität Bielefeld (Germany) to develop MXene materials for 6G communications. Their most recent results open up a new exciting area of MXene applications in 6G terahertz (THz) communication technologies. The paper co-authored by Huang and Mochalin published in a premier nanomaterials journal Nano Letters reports on modulation of MXene transparency in THz range in response to ultrafast visible light pulses. This unique property of thin MXene films produced at Missouri S&T is key for development of switchable electromagnetic interference shielding materials and devices that can be rendered partially transparent on demand for transmitting THz signals, or for designing new THz devices such as sensitive optically gated detectors.

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On January 13, 2020. Posted in Student News