Psychology presentation on Collaborative Replication and Education

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On October 1, 2019

Jordan Wagge

The Collaborative Replications and Education Project is a crowd sourcing replication project that depends on student researchers for data collection at sites around the world. We select highly-cited studies from flagship journals in psychology, prepare materials and instructions for replication, and then students can select one of these studies and collect data — typically as part of their undergraduate coursework. Our goals for this process are (1) publication of meta-analyses from CREP teams (we currently have two published and one accepted for publication) and (2) training students how to engage in transparent and reproducible practices as standard practice. This has the added benefits of allowing students to engage in authentic research and ensuring that student, participant, and instructor time spent on classroom research has a purpose beyond the classroom walls.

Title: “The Collaborative Replications and Education Project”

Speaker: Dr. Jordan Wagge, Associate Professor of Psychology, Avila University

Date\Time: Fri, Oct 4, 3-4pm

Location: Centennial 104

Contact: Amy Belfi (

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