OrgSync transitions to Engage November 4

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On October 30, 2019

On Monday, November 4, our campus’ OrgSync presence will expire, as content is migrated to the new Engage platform. This transition is necessary, as the platform is reaching its end of life. We’re excited to share some of the opportunities present in the new system. Of note:

The new platform will continue to track all your involvement activity.
It will also make it easier to find new activities/events/experiences by allowing:
– Invitations to friends in other orgs
– Easier sync with google calendar
– A fantastic app called CORQ which allows you to search for events based upon proximity (no matter where you are), freebies (hunting for pizza or swag?), or if there’s some course credit tracks or paths — complete a series of activities in order to earn a certificate or special recognition.
– Easier presentation of a co-curricular transcript, which you can use to build your resume and prepare to talk with employers

In preparation, we ask you to do a few things:

1. Review the following intro videos to the new platform:
Intro Video –

2. Download the CORQ app. This thing is incredibly useful. As the system populates, it will tell you what events are taking place anywhere which is using Engage. Traveling to Chicago? Check out what other universities have made public. Filter it by the perks available (free stuff, free food, extra credit). Filter again by walkable, bikable, or driving distance.

3. Prepare yourself for event passes. Engage will make ID card swiping a thing of the past. Every user will have a unique QR code which can be scanned to track your participation in specific activities. It’s available in the CORQ app.

4. IMPORTANT: In order to aid the transition, we ask you not to log in to OrgSync after November 1. We’ll work with IT to set up a redirect to the new site when the transition completes on November 4.

We anticipated this to be a bumpy process, as no advance information was provided regarding what this would look like or how to prepare (before this week). As we implement each piece of the program, it’s so far been a somewhat pleasant surprise that things seem to work. As usual, we’re open to suggestions, including names for this new platform (myMiner anyone?).

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On October 30, 2019. Posted in Student Announcements, Student News