ALP faculty publish on automated transportation, teaching Russian, Martinique

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On September 3, 2019

Papers by three faculty in arts, languages and
philosophy were recently published. The faculty and their publications include:

  • Dr. Shane Epting’s article, titled “Transportation Planning
    for Automated Vehicles – Or Automated Vehicles for Transportation Planning?

    is published in the August 2019 issue of Essays
    in Philosophy
    . Epting is an assistant professor of philosophy.
  • The
    ACTR Letter, a newsletter for the American Council of Teachers of Russian,
    published an article by Dr. Irina
    in the Spring-Summer 2019 issue. Her article is titled “Bolstering
    Career Opportunities for STEM University Graduates with Russian.” Ivliyeva is a
    professor of Russian.
  • Dr. Audra
    co-published a manual titled “<a href="•%09The%20ACTR%20Letter,%20a%20newsletter%20for%20the%20American%20Council%20of%20Teachers%20of%20Russian,%20published%20an%20article%20by%20Dr.%20Irina%20Ivliyeva%20in%20the%20Spring-Summer%202019%20issue.%20Her%20article%20is%20titled%20“Bolstering%20Career%20Opportunities%20for%20STEM%20University%20Graduates%20with%20Russian. (Adipex) ”%20Ivliyeva%20is%20a%20professor%20of%20Russian.”>Martinique:
    Culture, histoire et environnement en context” with Jayne Abrate, Catherine
    Daniélou, and Anne Jensen, for the American Association of Teachers of French.
    It is a collection of pedagogical activities focused on Martinique that French
    teachers can use with their classes. Merfeld-Langston is an associate professor
    and chair of arts, languages and philosophy.

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