RTD2018 topic: Mixed reality for construction collaboration

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On September 10, 2018

Building Information Models are complicated documents that include all the information about various subsystems of a construction project. Seeing the whole picture can be difficult and mistakes can be costly. This talk features a system that can be used to present all this information to multiple people in an interactive VR or AR environment as well as gather digital information from a real 3d space.

Imagine a virtual world that shows where the water, electrical, gas, and network will be run in a building. Now imagine that in real time, while you are walking around a construction site and other engineers can see it with you while you all plan out the systems around each other. This is the design and construction of the future that will allow collaborative, real time, 3D modeling of building and construction projects.

Doug Snider is the Virtual Design and Construction Coordinator at Leopardo Companies. He has been doing 3D visualization and design for his entire career and is a LEED certified architect. Doug also has multiple awards for innovative designs and technologies from places such as American Institute of Architects and the Wall Street Journal.

Join us September 17-18 at the Havener Center. To register and see our full schedule visit <a href=”https://rtd2018.mst.edu“>rtd2018</a>. Attendees will be eligible to attend a FREE social with live band and fireworks. Food and drinks will be provided. For more information email itrss@mst.edu.

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On September 10, 2018. Posted in Announcements