Shamrocks to be accepted at S&T print shop

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On August 30, 2018

Beginning Friday, Aug. 31, S&T’s print shop will accept shamrocks from students to print classwork. The print shop is located in Room G-8 Campus Support Facility, next to University Police. A student ID will be required. Staff in the shop will run the print jobs.

“Shamrocks” are a currency used for the university’s print management system. Each semester, students receive 500 shamrocks for S&T’s printing facilities.

Print jobs can take up to two business days, depending on the work volume. Please encourage students to plan ahead if they will use the shop.

Costs for a standard 8.5 by 11 sheet will include:

  • 1 shamrock per black-and-white standard page
  • 2 shamrocks per double-sided black-and-white standard page
  • 8 shamrocks per color standard page
  • 11 shamrocks per double-sided color standard page

Additionally, posters on regular paper will cost 40 shamrocks per square foot and laminating will cost 15 shamrocks per square foot.

For more information or additional guidelines, please contact the printing and mailing services staff at 341-4264, email or drop by the shop at Room G8 Campus Support Facility.


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On August 30, 2018. Posted in Announcements