Math researchers receive NSF grant

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On August 7, 2018

Xiaoming He

Dr. Xiaoming He, associate professor of mathematics and statistics, has received a National Science Foundation award to develop mathematical models and accurate algorithmic schemes for two-phase ferrofluid systems. Dr. He will serve as principal investigator for the project with Dr. Cheng Wang, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, serving as co-principal investigator. The amount of the award is $160,000.

Two-phase ferrofluid flows have found diverse applications in various science and engineering fields. They are the only type of magnetic liquid materials with wide practical use, finding application in the categories of dynamic sealing, heat dissipation, damping and doping of technological materials.

Cheng Wang

It is expected that the proposed research will lead to reliable models and efficient numerical algorithms for the two-phase system, as well as extend to the application of mathematical models, analyses and codes for other physical problems of current interest through numerical simulations.

The project will provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to receive multidisciplinary training in mathematical modeling, computational mathematics and mechanical engineering and to develop mathematical models and numerical algorithms.

Dr. He is currently completing his sabbatical leave as a Humboldt fellow in Germany and China.

Read the abstract, “Collaborative Research: Models, Algorithms, and Simulations for Two-Phase Ferrofluid Flows in Contact with a Solid Surface.”

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