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On June 4, 2018
  • Dr. Dave Westenberg, associate professor of biological sciences, wrote an article, “What It’s Like to Volunteer at a Science Festival,” posted May 16 on the American Society for Microbiology’s website,
  • Dr. Frank Liou, the Michael and Joyce Bytnar Product Innovation and Creativity Professor, was interviewed for an article, “Bridging the Skills Gap in the Manufacturing Industry,” by Meghan Brown of The article was posted on the website on May 15.
  • Dr. Alanna Krolikowski, assistant professor of history and political science, was quoted in an article about China’s interest in exploring peaks of the moon that never go dark as a possible source of solar energy. Canada’s The Globe and Mail published Nathan Vanderklippe’s article, “Bright Side of the Moon: China Launches Pioneering Mission to Explore Valuable Source of Solar Energy” on May 24.
  • Dr. William Schonberg was interviewed for an IEEE Spectrum article about a new program designed to capture space debris. The article by Jeremy Hsu, named “4 Critical Tests for a New Spacecraft That Will Clean Up Space Debris,” was published May 25. Schonberg is a professor of civil, architectural and environmental engineering.
  • Missouri S&T is alluded to in the headline of the May 14 Kansas City Star article, “This Missouri university gives students the best value in the state, study says.” In the article about SmartAsset rankings, reporter Mara Rose Williams notes that all four University of Missouri campuses make the list of the 10 “best value” colleges in Missouri.
  • In the article, “A Dynamite Degree,” writer Shawna Scott follows five S&T students and Dr. Kyle Perry, assistant professor of explosives engineering, during a day at the university’s Experimental Mine. The article and a video on the subject were posted May 31 on the Missouri Business website, a publication of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Dr. Jeff Schramm, associate professor of history, is quoted in a New York Post article about the value of the Rand McNally road atlas even in today’s GPS-saturated world. Eric Spitznagel’s article, “Why GPS will Never Make the Road Atlas Obsolete,” was published May 26.
  • Dr. Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe, professor of geology and geophysics, describes her career journey, research and travel experiences during a “People Behind the Science” podcast that aired May 21. Dr. Marie McNeeely, a neuroscientist, hosts the show that is designed to inspire current and future scientists.
  • Reporters at The Washington Post sought the expertise of Dr. Alanna Krolikowski for the newspaper’s June 3 article, “China Increasingly Challenges American Dominance of Science.” An assistant professor of history and political science, Krolikowski’s research in political science focuses on contemporary relations between China and the United States in high-technology sectors.

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