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On November 7, 2017
  • Allan Metcalf, a writer for The Chronicle of Higher Education, writes about Dr. Gerald Cohen’s research on etymology in Metcalf’s article, “Breaking News: I’m From Missouri.” Cohen is a professor of Rusisian and German languages at S&T.
  • Missouri S&T’s student-designed solar house was featured in the Denver Post article, “How the Solar Decathlon has Helped Create Your High-Tech Home — And Where It’s Going Next,” published Oct. 6
  • Dr. Kathleen Sheppard, associate professor of history, wrote a post, “When Will Sexual Harassment Be Unacceptable?” for the Lady Science blog on Oct. 9. She was also a guest on the Oct. 11 Halloween-themed Lady Science podcast on the historical connections between the student of the supernatural and the study of science.
  • S&T alumnus Charlie Rusher is featured in a New York Times article, “The Fine Art of Tuning a Corvette’s Sound,” published on Oct. 13. Rusher earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from S&T in 2011. He works as a noise and vibration engineer at Chevrolet in Milford, Michigan.
  • Dr. Yun Seong Song’s participation in research, “Stair Negotiation Made Easier Using Novel Interactive Energy-recycling Assistive Stairs,” has been featured on a podcast on NSF’s Science360 radio, as well as in dozens of press articles and interviews including PBS and NBC. Seong Son is an assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. The research creates energy-recycling stairs that can store energy going down and return the energy going up making it easier on the knees and ankles. The article is published in PLOS ONE, the world’s first multidisciplinary Open Access journal.
  • In September, St. Louis on the Air host Don Marsh talked with Dr. Suzanna Long, professor and chair of engineering management and systems engineering, about disaster recovery on St. Louis Public Radio. Listen to the interview, “Behind the Headlines – After Hurricane Harvey, what does comprehensive recovery look like?

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