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On August 24, 2017

The safety of students, faculty members and staff members is a top priority for Missouri S&T and the University of Missouri. Students, faculty and staff who travel internationally may encounter additional safety and health risks. The University of Missouri provides the following resources to assist travelers who travel internationally on behalf of the university:

  • Travel registry
  • GeoBlue Health Insurance
  • UHC Global
  • AIG WorldSource
  • S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
  • Clery Reporting Requirement

Travel registry

In September 2016, Mike Middleton, then-interim president of the University of Missouri System, signed an executive order requiring all students who travel internationally on university-related travel to register their travel with the university. Any faculty member, staff member, or non-S&T traveler who accompany the students are also required to register their travel at Faculty and staff members are only required to register travel when accompanying students, but may choose to register all international travel. As faculty and staff work with students to plan university-related international travel, they are responsible for ensuring students complete the mandatory travel registration.

Travel registry details and safety information are available on the university’s “traveling on behalf of S&T” webpage. An international travel registration fee of $30 per person is charged by Terra Dotta, the software used to manage the travel registry, and is valid for one year from the date of registration. Once the international travel registration fee has been paid, the traveler may register additional international trips at no cost for up to one year. Payment may be made either by the university department or the traveler in the Office of International and Cultural Affairs in 104 Norwood Hall by credit card, cash, or MO Code and Peoplesoft (PS) account code. For more information, please contact international affairs at 341-6015 or

GeoBlue Health Insurance

Faculty or staff members may purchase optional health insurance coverage through GeoBlue. This policy offers health insurance coverage that would be primary over your regular health insurance policy while you are traveling abroad. The cost is $34.60 for a 30-day period and the insurance may be purchased online. The GeoBlue Student Member Guide includes purchasing instructions and details of the coverage.

UHC Global

UHC Global includes 24-hour services to you while traveling internationally on behalf of the university. Please note that this is not medical insurance. This coverage is provided at no cost to the traveler by the University of Missouri System. Full program details and a faculty/staff ID card are available on the UM System’s miscellaneous insurance coverages webpage.

AIG WorldSource

UM System also provides emergency travel assistance services through AIG WorldSource for faculty and staff members. This coverage includes evacuation and repatriation, lost baggage and passport assistance, and legal assistance. Full program details and a faculty or staff insurance card are available on University of Missouri’s miscellaneous insurance coverages webpage.

U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

All university travelers are strongly encouraged to register in the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) before each trip. Enrollment in the STEP program provides travelers the latest information about the country where you will be traveling, updates including travel warnings and travel alerts, and resources if you need assistance during your travels.

Clery Reporting Requirement

Missouri S&T is required to report crime statistics for any location where a student stays for more than one night outside of Rolla on a university-sponsored trip. If the trip includes faculty or staff members accompanying students, the faculty or staff are required to submit the report. If no faculty or staff members are traveling with students, the students must submit the information directly. Information must be reported for locations within the U.S. as well as international locations and include:

  • Dates of stay
  • Hotel information (hotel name, address and room number or floor)
  • Facility information for any location rented by the university for class study or program use (name and address)
  • Local law enforcement information (name and address)

For more information or submit a report, please contact Mary Watkins, compliance coordinator for University Police, at or 341-6735.


If you have questions regarding the travel registry or insurance, please contact Amy Smith, student support specialist, at or 341-6875.

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