Complete Tier 2 of the Wellness Incentive

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On August 31, 2015

Continue your journey to health and wellness by completing Tier 2 of the 2015 Wellness Incentive by Wednesday, Sept. 30, to earn $300 in your final October paycheck. You must have completed Tier 1 in order to participate in Tier 2. Taxes and voluntary retirement elections are deducted from incentive earnings.

Since the deadline for Tier 2 is approaching, here are a few ideas for earning the 300 points it takes to complete this part of the Wellness Incentive:

  • Did you get your flu shot last year? If so, you’ve already earned 50 points
  • Join the Million Step Pedometer Program to earn 100 points for every million steps you walk, up to 200 points
  • Practice mindfulness meditation or listen to yoga recordings right at your desk for 10 points each and a sense of calm
  • Remain tobacco free or complete a tobacco cessation program for an immediate 100 points.

For a full list of activities that will earn you points, access the Wellness Incentives Tier 2 Activities Guide.

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On August 31, 2015. Posted in Announcements